Retirals & Benefit Administration is the Company’s core competence. Best in class assistance is offered to organizations to help manage administrative costs, effectively utilize state-of-the-art technology, leverage upon industry knowledge, garner business experience & strategic alliances and enhance employee services. Innovative services are offered to help save man-hours, make the most of people resources and boost the bottom line. Today, R & M Consultancy Services has created a niche for itself in this arena.





Accounting monthly Provident Fund accretions

Processing transfer / withdrawal of members’ PF accumulation

Maintenance of relevant PF & ESI Statutory Registers and Statements

Monthly remittances & returns to RPFC / ESIC

Obtaining & submitting employee PF nominations & ESI declarations










Query servicing


Compilation of statements of transfers and settlements of employees


MIS for employer and employees


Assistance to employes in obtaining Insurance cards Liaison services with ESI Corporation and EPF Organisation.