The company is peopled by skill rich, highly motivated professional resources adequately exposed to international work culture and with an established record in delivering solutions that surpass the best in the world. Top talent, empowered to meet professional goals and well positioned to support the most demanding customer in the world with minimal lead-time - that's the promise of the team.

The team is led by a nucleus of highly experienced and outstanding professionals, who have over 60 years of rich experience in the fields of Human Resource Management, having held positions of immense responsibility in organizations of both great repute and stature. They also have hands-on experience as  Managers, in organized industries and have managed labor for large companies. They have the unique distinctions of pioneering many personnel practices, policies and trends. They were the first in India to introduce the concept of industrial relations consulting. Having successfully mediated and negotiated settlements in complex union-management disputes, in a variety of industries, they have laid down ground rules and trends for the industry to follow. As seasoned professionals, they have also mediating numerous disputes in a variety of industries. Today, they are sought after professionals, on the panels of several Company advisory boards.